Paul Ognibene Honored

Named “Urban Developer of The Year” by Boston Real Estate Times

by Merrill H. Diamond

Paul Ognibene, the founder and CEO of Cambridge-based real estate company, Urban Spaces, has been named “Urban Developer of the Year for 2019” by the Boston Real Estate Times. The publication, which reports on all the area’s latest real estate happenings, honored Paul Ognibene and his company for the transformational impact that he and Urban Spaces’s latest projects have had on the host communities in which they work. Their projects have focused on mid-sized residential and commercial developments that revitalize and enhance emerging and established neighborhoods in the greater Boston metropolitan area.  

The Boston Real Estate Times awarded the honor to Paul Ognibene and Urban Spaces for their recent projects, including five mixed-use buildings designated for office, residential, and retail uses as part of a planned unit development in the First Street Corridor of Cambridge. Urban Spaces also recently completed another Cambridge development, a 20-unit condominium building with first floor retail at 1975 Massachusetts Avenue, proximate to the Porter Square subway station. Paul Ognibene and Urban Spaces are currently developing BRIX, a 61-unit condominium building with first floor retail at 65 Washington Street in downtown Salem.  The firm is alsoinvolved with the creation of affordable housing in inner-city neighborhoods, a mission-driven initiative with the City of Boston.

“I am honored to receive this recognition from a publication as respected as the Boston Real Estate Times.  I’m confident that our work will continue to live up to the standards of this prestigious award,” stated Paul Ognibene upon learning of the award.

All of the development projects that Paul Ognibene and Urban Spaces undertake have one over-arching objective in common: to enrich the entire community with benefits that extend far beyond the boundaries of the subject project itself.  In that regard, some of the projects conceived by Paul Ognibene have spawned and encompassed programs such as BUILDING A BUILDING, a classroom and on-site curriculumcreated by Urban Spaces and its partners to introduce high school students to the various trade and professional careers associated with real estate development.

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